Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cobourg, Canada

Great to be back in Cobourg. The Oasis is still cranking out good meals and service, and MacGregors has ice cold Moosehead on tap. We strolled the streets by bike this time. Amazing nobody fell, though I have a huge bubble in my tire that makes the ride a bit bumpy. Feels like a horse. Bet it looks stupid. Walked around the marina, looking cool, checking out the boats, chics, then Deb tells me my fly was open. It's tough getting old. The weather has been great so far, but I think we're going to get a little gloomy for the next few days. Most of it looks to be in the states though, and sparing Canada for the moment. Hopefully we'll follow the sun. Belleville is the next stop on the trip. Not sure about this town, though last time we were there on a Sunday, and we know the Canadians roll up the sidewalks on Sundays. Hopefully we'll make it through Presquille bay ok, as this can get harry in bad weather. Last time it was nerve wracking as it is really shallow, and unforgiving for anyone who strays off course. That's all for now. Later I'll tell about me almost hitting a brand new sailboat! Ahh, I had it covered. :)

The Crossing

Well, just like I said, No wind, but Sun. Otto Pilot took us all the way over. Deb must have got in about 15 hrs of sleep for the day. Deb read a book with her eyes shut, and I puttered around all afternoon while we slipped through the oily looking water. I spotted some rather large fish feeding on the surface, with it's fin out of the water. Shark! Not quite, but I wonder what fish it was. Good thing somebody stayed awake, because the eastbound traffic was brutal. They could use a light at this intersection. All in all it was pretty uneventful, which is good. The weather for Cobourg looks good, but it may get a little wet going to Belleville in a day or two.

Oak Orchard, NY

We made it. What a crappy day to be on the water. It's days like this that you ask yourself "Why do we do this?". But it was worth it. Oak Orchard is a very peaceful place to be. Scenic, quiet, and very friendly. We went up the creek with the dinghy until the clouds started to roll in, then figured it was time for dinner. We definately have to kayak this creek, as it meanders quite a distance. We missed Knots Berry farm, as it was getting late, but we managed to get a blueberry Rohrbachs for dinner, so I guess that makes up for it. We had dinner at the Black North Inn. Was good, but filling. Quite the crowd there. A mix of sailors and bubbas, bikers. Doesn't seem like a good mix, but it was fine. Deb likes travel by dinghy. I was told not to publish the pictures of her sprawled out in the dinghy, so I won't. for now. We're off to Cobourg Canada for the 35 mile crossing. Looks like no wind and Sun. I think Otto will be driving.

Rochester, NY

We Left Sodus Bay, NY for Rochester, NY and had the wind right on the nose as usual. What is it about going to Rochester? It's always gloomy. Well, things perked up when we met our friends we hadn't seen all summer. We had dinner and beers at Schooners, then back to the boat for a few more. It was good to see almost all of the gang. Not having much luck posting picures. Probably being blocked. We're heading off to Cobourg next. Looks like a windless day. As long as the sun shines. :)