Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sodus Bay, NY

We're back! We left Kingston on a moderately windy day, hoping for a favorable wind. After sneaking around the shoals that dot Kingston, we turned toward home. Damn, if the wind wasn't right on the nose again. We set the sails the best we could, and let Otto do the steering again. We put on Sirius Radio Margaritaville, and sang tunes for hours. Of course it takes about 11 of those hours to get home, so we grew tired of singing after a few. I did get to hear my favorite Lovin Spoonful song "Jug Band Music". All was fine....until the wind started to die, then ... ATTACK OF THE FLIES! They came without warning and they swarmed all over us. First they would just sit on you, then after a while they would bite. My god I hate those things. Deb and I went to the bow of the boat to get into some wind. Deb was sitting down and using a dock line like camel jockey, just swinging it back and forth, keeping them away. This went on for hours. Why do we do this again! The bastards followed us all the way to the slip, where a couple from Toronto was laughing at us swatting and swearing. We crashed after a quick dinner, then dinner Friday at Waypoints, and drinks with Bo and Toni aboard TreBoni, for a few laughs before bed. Daughter Kelly stopped out for a day of sailing and anchoring out on Saturday. Dinner was an adventure. We anchored out in the bay, and took the zodiac over to the east side for dinner at skippers. It looked like rain to me, but Deb assured me that it was just Pauly Paranoia taking hold. Off we went to Skippers Landing. Deb hates the Zodiac by the way. Too flexy for her. Anyway dinner took way too long to arrive, and it was getting darker by the minute. We finally woofed our food and scrambled to get back. They do not have a dinghy dock there, so we tied up to a rusty barge, and climbed up and down to the zodiac. Deb kind of fell in at this point and off we went. Everyone was watching us from the deck, wondering if those people just jumped off the deck into the water. We brought along lights, just in case. Problem is they weren't mounted anywhere yet. I need to add that to my list. I had the ladies hold the lights in place, while I fired up the outboard, and off we went. Damn thing was slow as hell, and I thought we were choked with weeds, but then Kelly looked at me like something really bad happened. She said she couldn't pull in the bow line. Combine that with the engine slowly dieing and, OH NO! Not in the Prop!! Engine in neutral, pull hard on the line....weeds. The biggest clump of green shit ever, and it was hanging on the bow line. I was dragging half the marinas weeds with me. All this was in pitch black by the way, with power boats zooming around. Deb just sat there frozen, holding the white stern light in the air like the statue of liberty. Kelly was all over the place with the other light. Imagine what the other boaters saw. We shed the weeds, and got up on plane, and flew like a rocket back to our boat at anchor. No rain. Beautiful night after all. All that's left to do now is pack up and say goodbye to our good old boat. I'll probably go through 3 shirts trying to pack up all this crap. Tomorrow, after a day of work...damn it, I'll post the highlights of the trip. Ooh goody, you say. Later.