Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little sad :(

Maybe it's a guy thing, maybe I'm just a wuss, but I really got attached to a big piece of fiberglass. WhisperIII has been a part of our family for ten years. Now she's going to hit the highway, I90 that is, and go to Ohio to have some fun. I know she's in very good hands, better hands than mine, but I feel like I've ditched a friend. If Deb is reading this, she's rolling her eyes right now. "Get over it", she'll say. Well, we've had some great memories on our floating home. The night anchored in Little Sodus Bay, with us all sitting on the coach roof, looking at the lights reflecting off the water on a warm beautiful night. "Stars on the water" we sang. The day we got her home in the fog, without a GPS, just charts, compass, knotmeter. We nailed the entrance to our home port dead on. But not before a bat decided to buzz the boat and cuddle with Deb. The bees ( thousands) descending on, and in the boat! Harmless as they were, they flew off after a visit. The storm that snuck up from behind. The pea gravel that caught the keel. Embarrassing the captain. Our first lake crossing, taking pictures of our first lake buoy. Our first Canadian landing (good beer). Kingston. Did I mention Kingston? Yes, Kingston. :) The surprise fireworks (that's why all the boats were around us). The river snakes chasing dad (thanks family members, for the no-tell dad about the snakes). The biting flies, the sand flies, the stupid flies. Seventy five miles, nine foot waves, thirty knots of wind, close hauled, and one tack. Amazing. Beating every Beneteau out there (pure fun). Estrogen IV (lady sailors rock). Cutting through the Prince Edward pointe shallows (you guys nuts!). The perfect night in the cockpit....
It's a long list of memories, but it's time to start a new adventure. So here's to ya WhisperIII. Fair Wind.