Thursday, June 25, 2009

One left

One more day and It's vacation time! Yahoo. OK, well it's time off, not really a vacation. You see, if the wife still has to work, then it's time off. Vacation starts the week after. That's when we can sail our asses off all damn day long, and relax all damn evening long. Can't wait. I have a few jobs to take care of the first week, and then maybe I'll get some kayaking in, and some sunfish sailing. At least that's what I hope to do. We have a party this friday, but Deb is still suffering the flu symptoms. We may have to quarantine her on the boat, while I attend the partay. Of course, I still have to drive to the boat, so how much partay can I partake in? Not much. Our old gang does not get together like they used to, and it's a shame, but when we do we make the most of it :) There are pictures of our gatherings that will never make it to this blog. In fact I have to be careful now that my boss has found the blog. I should search the achives for any boss related posts. How bad could they be really, because it's so hard to find anything bad to say about the guy :) How's that for kissing butt?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vessel Safety Check

I just did an online Vessel Safety Check (here), because I'm bored to tears, no, because I'm very concerned with safety on a boat. Anyway, I noticed there were no questions about propane, or alcohol on board for cooking. We have two propane tanks for the galley stove, and we also have a grill. Just about every boat I see has a grill, so they must be storing fuel. You would think there would be some questions regarding this stuff. Considering the little incident I had with stove fuel a while back, I'm a little more aware of the risks of fuel storage. When we bought Alert, we found about 6 propane canisters for the grill, stored in the bottom of a locker, and they were rusty. Yikes. Imagine a rough day on the water and these things are clanging around in the bottom of a locker. They are gone now. I recently checked the propane line for any leaks, and it looks good, but I may replace the whole line anyway, as I think it may be at least ten years old. Of course the new one could be made in China, where quality is job 2, or 3 maybe. How do you store your fuel? Got propane canisters rolling around? Where do you store the fuel for the dinghy motor? Does your propane system have a built in leak check? Is it all wired to standard? You would think this would be an important part of a vessel safety check, and maybe it is, and I just have not come across it.

One more day

One more day of this flu is all I can stand. I'm getting a little tired of this house, and my cat companion. The cat anticipates where I'm heading, and arrives there first, whether it's the bed, a chair, the couch, or the toilet. It's pissing me off. I'll wake up from a nap and find the thing draped over my chest, or laying on my feet. Enough! Tomorrow I go back to work. Deb can deal with the fur ball. I wanted to go back to work today, but everyone is freaked out over this swine flu, and they'd rather I stayed home until it's gone. Well, screw it, tomorrow I'm back in business. I'll just load up on meds, and hide out in my office all day. I have to skipper a boat tomorrow evening in a race, so I'm going to have to force myself to get better. Power of positive thinking. :) Kelly will get her cat back real soon now. I just hope she doesn't end up like this woman...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down and out for Father's day

Happy Father's day! I'd love to visit Dad today, but giving him the swine flu would not be a very nice gift. It's the gift that keeps giving too, as Deb now has it. My coughing spasms have subsided, but they have been replaced with Deb's. I feel bad, but it's hard to isolate someone within a house. She tried her best, but this flu spreads pretty easy. I'm assuming it's the swine flu, as it has hit Rochester pretty hard, and is reported to be spreading throughout the city and burbs. It feels kind of special, knowing you are part of a pandemic. Not a really good time to be taking sick days at work. At a time when they are deciding who to keep, and who to throw back, you don't want to be the sick one. The only shot I have, is if I go in and germ the place, and level the playing field. Can't toss us all back! I'm kidding of course. Well Dad I didn't even get you a card today. I was so focused on the stupid cat, and my coughing up phlegm, that I forgot. I am overdue for a visit, and if I can get a good string of good health going, I'll drop in to share a pint with ya. I remember Saturday, or Sunday mornings laughing together over the Stooges! Good times.