Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boat Show

Had a nice time at the Annapolis sailboat show last weekend. Bought some davits! That's about it though, as the damn davits are pretty expensive. We got there Friday, and left on Monday, and enjoyed some good food and drink, as well as running into friends, even if it was brief. We got to see Alan, currently parked in Spa creek, as he assembles crew to head over to Bermuda. We also ran into folks we have seen in many of our cruising ports on Lake Ontario. Was a fun time, but it was a short time. Hanging out with cruisers, just makes it harder to go back to the daily grind, and the long winter ahead.
Alan got a good spot at the show Annapolis streets
The Aviator Ale was very tasty at McGarvey's saloon, and that is by far our favorite spot for a refreshing break. Very friendly folks there, and great service too. We signed up with SCCA, and met some nice folks there. Alan told us we just missed Web Chiles, and Beth Leonard. Damn, that would have been cool to talk to them. Got some work to do to wrap up the boat this weekend. I hope the rain holds off, as it will be miserable out there if it's wet, and cold.