Saturday, March 27, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Been too busy to blog, I guess. The house fixing seems to be moving along at a snails pace. We are nailing most of the upstairs this weekend, and I'm going to do some outdoor things, as the weather is relatively nice today.

Our daughter Kelly is moving out again.This should rid the house of a few things, like furniture, clothes, THE CAT!  The damn cat was eating my shoe laces as I'm typing this. Cats are weird. I'll take a dog any day over a cat.
Kelly works at a day care, and she keeps bringing rug rat germs home. Think I'm getting another cold. She really gets pissed off when I pull my shirt over my face as she walks by. Just a few more days Kell, you can do it.

Bought my bottom paint the other day. Twenty bucks off a gallon at WM. I use the CPP Plus, and it seems to work pretty well. Of course, our water temperature is pretty cold most of the year. I could probably get away with nothing for the amount of time we're actually in. Mid May to September in cold water is not enough submersion to produce anything significant, so I don't know why I bother.

I plan on re-bedding all our ports real soon, but WM only had 5200 sealant. You would think with spring here they would have a pretty good supply of that stuff. While I was there I drooled over the Garmin 740. Nice.