Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sale Pending :)

Yes!  We have sold the house!  We have to be out by August 20th, so let the mad dash begin. Just so you know, living on the boat has been great. Aside from the fact that I have to get up at 4:45 to get to work by 6, it has been nice. If all goes well (fingers crossed), we should be settled in, and living a house free lifestyle shortly. We are organizing our stuff for sale at the house very shortly. Everything must go! Well, we are keeping some stuff for the apartment, but not much. Minimum is the way to go. First we have to find an apartment for this fall, as this far north you don't live on a boat all year round.

Had a great sail yesterday, then met up with some friends to celebrate the house sale. Got a nice headache for all my fun. No sailing for me today. The boat did well in the first good blow of the year. We had over twenty, and some 2-3 foots swells, but she rode it all nicely. Took a 30 knot gust, and she did good, but I panicked and tried to reef the genny. Lots of lines whipping around until I furled it in. Not very captain like.

No wifi here, so I have not been keeping up the blog very well. We expect to have broadband hookup next week. Amazing how we can't live without internet nowadays.