Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad rap

I guess I gave Rochester a bad rap. It really can be fun here, as long as you don't think about summer constantly, like I do. If you are willing to give up thoughts of sailing and boats for a few months, you really can entertain yourself. We sit on the Erie canal, and the southern shore of Lake Ontario, and are minutes away from the beauty of the finger lakes and wine country. Fall foliage can be beautiful, and the winter skiing can be great too, as we have some awesome hills locally, and Adirondack park is hours away. So don't let my winter blahs give you a bad impression of Roch cha cha. Come on over and taste some of our apples, walk over some crunchy orange leaves, and pick out your pumpkin. Go on a hay ride, grab some cider, and snuggle up by the bonfire. We live in the city now, and I can say that it is really going to be a fun off long as I don't freeze to death :)

Looks pretty nice

We have water falls

And we have the white and gray death :(  Sorry, it's just so damn depressing

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Winding Down

Well, the summer is winding down for us, and we are thinking  about putting the old barge away for the winter. Many others have a jump start, but no rush for us. It's not like I have yard work to do :)
We'll start next weekend, or maybe I'll come out during the week and get some things like the oil changed,  pump out, and fuel top-off. I have to clean one tank, as it's pretty bad, so looking for ideas on how to accomplish this. I think there is about 20 gallons in there.
Everyone here loves fall, and I can't figure out why. Upstate NY, especially around Rochester, is always overcast and gray. You would be lucky to get maybe 5 days of sunny fall weather, where you can say wow, what a day. Most of the time it's cold, and damp, and very little sun. You might say I'm getting a jump start on miserable.

Apartment life is starting to take shape. The broad, er, uh, woman upstairs really loves her heels. In fact, she wears them all the time. The kitchen sink drain sprung a leak. Deb called the maintenance guy. I'm no longer the fix it guy :) Sweet. I hate plumbing. Aside from the heels, the apartment is ok. As long as we keep that sail away date in mind, we can tolerate it.
985 days.