Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fantastic week off

Wow. We actually had a full week of good weather, and it happened on my vacation week! I feel blessed. OK, maybe that's going a little too far. Lucky is probably the word. Got some sailing in, some projects done, had friends over. Was a great week. About the only disappointment, is the fact I have no Tabasco for my egg sandwich I'm eating right now.

New davit cross brace. Solar mounts on the way.

Replaced with 275' of chain. I will sleep better at anchor.

Thor had to remove this one.

Future son-in-law. Graceful.

At least his shorts stayed on.

Eric and Lauren enjoying Ontario.

Thanks for the eggs Kate and Frank! I only smashed three of them on my bike ride back from the bar. The goo left quite a trail into the cockpit, and onto the cushions. At least I was smart enough to wipe it off before the morning sun hit it.

Last day of vacation. I can feel the stress bubble percolating already.