Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Broadband boat

We finally got some fast internet access. The WiFi at the marina is horrible, and we like to skype with Nicole in Savannah. I need to lay my eyes on my beautiful girl.

So some photo uploads should be coming soon. I will also document my fridge install, as that should be good for a few laughs. The solar panels took two days, and I'm still trying to over engineer the mounting system. Planning is everything, so I thought, but when all the stuff shows up, and you get a feel for the size and weight, you start making changes. The woman at the marina store thought I was crazy buying all those nuts and bolts. I must have made 5 trips back and forth, each time with more sweat coming off me every visit. The conversation got shorter too.

Tip: Never, ever use lock nuts! They seize up, call it galling, or whatever. I have one I have to cut off as it is going nowhere.

Tonight was laundry night, so not much going on. Rain is pouring down, and it's about 65 degrees. Heading over to Jacks for a few bev's with friends tomorrow.