Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cabin Fever

We don't live in a cabin, but we do live in a second floor apartment in a one hundred year old house. Our living space is not too much bigger than our boat (exaggeration), and in the winter months we get a little, how would you say...CRAZY!  We desperately need to get outside and do something. The weather has been unfavorable for us wimps to venture out in, and Deb has just got over a cold, which she gave to me, so now I'm one with the couch for a bit. I'm not feeling too awful, so I think tomorrow we should go out and mingle with the masses, and maybe grab a bite, and a pint, and spread some germs.

Yesterday we hit 72 mph in wind gusts, but I'm hoping the boat only saw 35. My cover is not in the best of shape right now, and I still have over two months of potential white death falling from the sky. I will pay the frozen gal a visit again this weekend, and probably bring a smaller tarp with me, to cover up the expected torn area. Ugh, how many days left to cruise? Oh, check out the count down clock on the right. That's right baby, 500 days! Fingers crossed!

Here are some photos of the frozen wasteland (no exaggeration) I live in.

My pathetic looking tarp. Why is Don's boat always covered so perfectly? 'Cause he's an obsessive compulsive?

Sodus Bay, frozen, but not very solid  yet.

Lake Ontario. No, it does not freeze over. No, you can not see Canada. 

Well, let's hope we get over our fever, and start focusing on the near future, as we have plenty of work to do. If we stay busy with simplifying, and preparing, maybe we'll avoid the winter insanity that will surely come with the lake affect storms.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crazy weather around here

The sun is shining this morning, and the air is still, and it's friggin 9 degrees outside! I was going to go for a walk, but by the time I got all the gear on, I would be too tired to go :)
Tuesday the high will be near fifty. What the hell. Usually at this point we are frozen solid until about March.   Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day, and I have to go check on the jack stands to see if they're loose, especially with all the freezing and thawing going on.

Some more photos of Bermuda.

Good place to swim

Death ride. Seriously, I hit a bus :(

They heard we were in town, and had a parade.