Sunday, January 29, 2012

Storing Food

On Kelly Nicole we will have a fridge and freezer. I say will, because the old AC powered monster is toast, and the new Sea Frost units are going in. The fridge and freezer compartments are very deep, and can hold quite a bit, but I keep thinking about all the stuff we had in the fridge last year, and the surprises I found when cleaning it out. I could have swore I had one more Dead Guy Ale left, and I did, it was rolling around in the bottom of the fridge, about 1.5 arms length away, but you would have to get through everything else first. The box really needs to better organized, or better yet, reduced in volume.

So, how much really needs to be refrigerated? Surely condiments do not need to be in there. I've been to enough burger joints to know ketchup and mustard can remain on the tables, but what about other items? It would really be nice if I didn't have to remove everything first, to get at a cold beer at the bottom of the fridge. Deb made it easier by putting baskets in there, with handles, but you still have to pull at least half the stuff out. Do we need all that in there?

Coincidentally, while thinking about the fridge work, I saw this, on my Facebook news feed, and my daughter posted a cool article too.

Think how funny it would be to see carrots and onions sticking out of sand around the boat. Still, this makes you think about food storage, and if you really need to use all those amp hours for storing food.
Being vegetarians (don't hold it against us), we don't have to worry about storing animal parts in the fridge or freezer, and we prefer soy milk over cows milk, but we still like cheese and eggs. So there will be a need for a fridge, besides beer. Freezer, I'm not so sure of. I suppose when we are totally broke, and the only thing left is rice and beans, we could go for some mahi mahi, or lobster, if I can catch any. Deb would have a real problem with this, as she never ate seafood, but I'm sure I would if I had too. 

This will not be a problem.

I always catch some flak for being veg, but it doesn't bother me anymore. Neither does my stomach, which was a serious issue for me in my carnivore days. For me it worked, and I've never felt better. We don't preach, we don't care what you eat. You can cook a steak and eat it in front of us, eat it raw for all I care, we do not let it bother us. To each his own, except for when my brother-in-law waves a dripping steak in my face, that can get annoying :)

So, I will think about what our food storage needs are going to look like this year, and I have to really get going on this fridge/freezer install. The problem right now, is the freezer I live in.  I really should not complain about the winter so far. It's the end of January, and we've hardly had any snow, and no deep freeze so far. February is usually the shut-in month, as it's too damn cold to venture out, but so far it looks to be an early spring.