Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update. Exumas

Just a quick update until we can get to some WiFi, which is very scarce here. We are anchored behind Highborne Cay in th Exumas and probably making our way to Normans today to wait out a little blow.

We enjoyed Eleuthera very much. Rock Sound is a great place to stop for a while. SV Magnolia cought up to us there and we enjoyed spending some time with them. We left yesterday morning and sailed across Exuma Sound to the cut at Highborne where Debra expertly brought us through. We found some good holding next to some rather large yachts and fired up the pizza oven and had us a few cold ones.

So far so very good guys. We are loving this life. The good far outweighs the bad. The bad being a leaky watermaker and a dead fridge. Both are working now. Well, the watermaker is working at reduced capacity until we get a new high pressure vessel that doesn't leak.

More updates later when we get free wifi. Seriously, some places charge $20/day for Wifi. The Iridium has been doing it's job but sending any kind of photo is pretty slow and the photo gets reduced to the quality of a Kodak disc camera. Remember those?


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