Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tech trouble

I have been very slow in posting to blogger lately. Most of our updates are seen on Facebook on the S/V Kelly Nicole page. The reason for this? I like posting photos alongside the text. It breaks things up a bit and if you don't like what I'm saying or it's a yawner then you can at least look at the pretty pictures.
The blogger app for android is horrible and pretty much useless. I'm using it now and it's been screwing with me just trying to knock out a few paragraphs. If I try to post a photo it might crash and I lose everything. I could go right to the full web version but then I need a magnifying glass to see it on this 7" screen. My bad for not buying the 10" tablet but I'm a cheap ass sailor.
My old HP laptop is basically too busy doing microsoft updates and virus scans to be of any use anymore. Now that we are at the dock I may power it up and let it cook for a few days and maybe the damn thing will be functional again. If that happens then I can start posting again.
When I finally made it to Best Buy to get a USB cable that converts the tiny port on this tablet to a standard USB I was pretty excited to finally move my pics from the camera to the tablet but to my surprise the Tab 4 Samsung cannot be used for this purpose. WTF!
I forced my brain to go to technology mode and I managed to find a solution for both Deb and I. It's a wireless USB port/charger. We can plug any style memory card into it and access it over wifi. Should be here this week.
Deb was losing it yesterday with her iPad2 case from lifeproof because the connector for her Elf GPS did not fit the opening port. I found a LifeProof port extender that should work so now both of us can be happy with our technology again. Maybe. We still have to update the chartplotter and the navionics charts, not to mention the Garmin charts as well.
We have our bottom cleaning scheduled and I should have a rigger out here soon to inspect ours and hopefully gives us a thumbs up else $$. Things are starting to move along despite all the activities here for cruisers. Three happy hours a week and free beer on saturday! I may need a sponsor before I can leave here.
This marina is so damn quiet that we almost want to whisper. I'm not used to this. There should be someone playing terrible music they want the whole marina to hear and boat parties that spill out on the dock so no one can get by. By the way, there are some pretty nice boats here. We're kind of dragging down the neighborhood a bit. I did a quick tour and wow, lots of money afloat in Brunswick. Not sure I'll be pushing Ramones tunes out the cabin while working on projects this summer. Might be frowned upon but I'm one to test the limits s we'll see.