Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The time has come

Just a quick post before we leave the US.

It's looking like we are crossing over to the Abacos on Wednesday morning and working our way to Marsh Harbor, where we will sit out some bad weather before continuing south. This route was not in our original plans but we knew the weather might dictate where we go so we will take it and run.

For those that have not been following us on Facebook there are some links that might be useful in finding out where we are. First off, I tweet. This is different from I toot. I will use Twitter more often when we are out there because its one of the functions the Iridium Go still has that actually works. The tweets are sent to Facebook so if you don't have a Twitter account you can see them there.

We also have a Spot device that gives our location when we want it to which is usually when we are at anchor or crossing big water.


I will most likely be emailing the blog posts so they will not include too many photos. That will have to wait until we have Wifi. I tend to get too caught up in the scenery to be bothered with taking photos and writing blog posts but Debra loves to take photos so there will be plenty to share at some point. I also promise to take more photos and write more. However, there is a perfectly good Fender Stratocaster waiting for me to strum some tunes and I WILL be learning guitar along the way. My brain needs the exercise.

This should be a fun and interesting trip. Notice I didn't say stressful? Trying to be more positive here. Travelling is always stressful for me but there is also a ton of fun mixed in so it's all good. I'm sure there will be times when I go full Woody Allen (minus the creepy part) and Debra will eye roll me to death but lets hope it's minimal. We have eliminated some points of anxiety on this ship. New rudder and rigging helps immensely. A backup depth sounder is way cool too. Happy voyage ahead.

We met some old friends and new friends while at Vero Beach. We are totally sick of the place now but it is a convenient place to stop. Meeting people who have followed the blog was kind of interesting. Maybe a bit creepy. They were so nice that I found it hard to believe they followed the blog. I imagine for them it was like seeing a movie of a book you read. "He's nothing like I imagined. Thought he'd be taller. What does she see in him? What a knob! He's kind of quiet actually. How many beers did he have?"

We enjoyed Velcro Beach...again. Now it's time to say goodbye. Unless the weather changes we will head south on the ICW to Fort Pierce and make a left. I'm sure we will post to FB as we head out. We appear to be in good company for the crossing. Many boats are ready to go at the same time. Marsh harbor may be a bit crowded. See, there I go again with the negative. I guess it's unstoppable.