Sunday, December 13, 2015

Left to Right

Left to Right. The left side of my brain (logic, common sense) has a talk with the right side (goofy, creative).

Left: Why didn't you reef the mainsail knowing a squall was coming?
Right: It was scary up there on deck.
L: Wasn't it scarier to have a full sail up in heavy air?
R: She handled it.
L: A sail slide pulled out of the track!
R: I know. WTF right?!
L: Deb ok? Her eyes were like golf balls.
R: She's tough. I almost shit myself.
L: You deserved a pant load for that stunt.
R: Dude, Did you see how fast we were going?
L: How do we even coexist?

L: What about the beer explosion?
R: That sucked.
L: What made you think a locker with no latches was going to hold back 24 bottles of beer?
R: I guess I got so excited about another case I failed to think it through. Isn't that where you come in?
L: I was busy getting the boat systems in order.
R: Major part of prep is securing stores Bro. Think you failed on this one.
L: So what's the solution here?
R: Drink from cans.
L: How about securing the locker doors.
R: I could just drink the beer and not have to worry about it.
L: You could help to create a lock for the doors and maybe drink less.
R: I could drink a lot and you would completely disappear.
L: I want an eye roll, help me out here.
R: Which one we doing?
L: We have to do both you idiot.


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