Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sodus Bay, NY for the 4th

We spent the week of the 4th of July on the boat, at Oak Park Marina Resort. We did some much needed boat work, some naps, lot's of reading, and some fine dining. Life on a boat can be soooo relaxing. It was really hard to become a dirt dweller again after the week ended. The fireworks in Sodus were great. We had not seen them in many years, so it was pretty cool. We anchored at Thorntons and stayed all night, until our daughter called and warned of some ugly stuff she saw on radar. It's good to have your own weather girl. We managed to mini cruise over to Little Sodus Bay and the town of Fairhaven. We anchored there and had an ok meal at the Pleasant Beach Hotel. I liked the summer ale, but Deb will never "fruit the beer". Deb had a bad dinghy ride, as we left just as a squall came through. We had to turn back, and wait it out. Turned out to be a pleasant evening, and I even slept while at anchor. Almost crapped my drawers bringing that anchor up though. Next boat has the biggest windlass I can find! The picture shows WhisperIII at anchor under the branch. It's the middle of the three. This was the view from the Pleasant Beach Hotel. Except for lightning almost killing us, it was a pretty quiet week. I'll add that story in the next post. We have to get ready for the big two week cruise!