Friday, February 1, 2019

We moved!

Latitude 43 has moved!

We're over here now.

Why did we move?

Google has not updated the Blogger app which is handy when trying to post from a tablet. I've actually lost posts trying to publish. Their App is awful.

Took me all of ten minutes to move it. See you over there!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I'm migrating

I'm going to migrate. Not to Canada or Mexico or even the Dominican Republic. I'm migrating to Wordpress. Wordpress is not a country it's a blog hosting site like Blogger.  I'm migrating the blog to Wordpress. Blogger is giving me headaches. They don't have an app that works, at least not in Android and updating this blog using a web browser on a tablet is just dumb. So away I go!

It might take me a few weeks to smooth it all out but basically it's up and running and everything here transfered over. Easy peasy.

You wouldn't think I would have the time to do this with all that is going on but I was starting to annoy the mechanic working on the boat and this was a good distraction.

Follow us here:

I will update both sites for a wee bit until all 5 of you make it over to the other site. Bye Bye Blogger.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blogger is pissing me off

So I can post text and photo through email but none of the Android Apps including Googles own Blogger app fails to post photos. WTF Google!

So, I either email the posts to Lat43 or I open up Chrome and go to the Blogger site and edit there. Oye. It's like they don't give a shit anymore.

A working app would make this a lot easier. I think one of my projects when back in the States is to migrate to Wordpress.

Blogger hates me

This is a test post to see if Blogger will let me post from email. The app I was using failed the other day and I emailed the developer and he replied that Google removed the Picasa API so now his app will not post photos to blogger. So this means I can't use that app unless I want text only. What the hell fun is that?

So I'm going to post a photo below in this email and see if it makes it to a blog post. Wordpress is really starting to look interesting to me.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

A calm start to the day

The water is so calm this morning without the trade winds as the sun rises to warm my body. Believe it or not it's kind of chilly here. Seventy six is a bit low for us. We had a nice squall roll through very early in the morning that cooled things off. As the Sun comes up over the hill some of the sleepy sailors are waking up from their Friday night. One guy from New Hampshire is already swearing out loud as he smacks his leg on the boat trying to go for a swim off the stern. A couple of small wooden fishing boats zoomed past as they head out to sea. You see them out there lazily waving while you're holding on in six footers and twenty knots praying to make port. It's all attitude people. Attitude and Dramamine. The radio is starting to crackle with the morning announcments and the water is ready for more tea.

We are on the south end of the island and the trade winds usually whip around this end and filter into the bays. We're protected from any waves and for most of the swell but the wind tends to find it's way in except for this morning. I see some boats are feeling a breeze so maybe it's just us being so close to the eastern side. We are enjoying the unexpected stillness.

We hopped on the crowded shopping bus yesterday with the usual characters. We're the unknowns. People recognize us but don't know our names. When they hear the boat name they go, "Ah. So you're Kelly Nicole." Interesting.

I ordered a baguette today from the local French restaurant. Looking forward to some veggie sandwiches and a nice crisp salad. We made a big haul on veggies at the market yesterday and I intend to use them in tasty recipes I found on the internet. Again there were no cucumbers but there were tomatoes. Looks like my Greek salad will have to wait another week or so.

We keep hearing cows on land near the shore but we don't see them. So instead of roosters in the morning we're hearing cows. It's a nice change. They're not up as early as the roosters.

We have a few chores to do today to get ready for haul out. As unsettling as this is we're still appreciative of this life we're living right now. We could be making gobs of cash sitting in a cubicle for some corporation and spending it all on vehicles, a mortgage and all the other "Stuff" that goes along with work life including the stress but we're good.

I can feel the breeze picking up a bit and the sun is getting higher. The local radio net is ending and people and boats are moving about. Time to get moving. Have a great day everyone!


While sitting in the mall waiting for our bus to arrive, a local friend asked me if there was going to be a civil war in the USA. Debra responded, "Americans are too lazy to have a civil war. They would have to put their phones down and turn the TV off." Our friend was staring at us a moment and then laughed. The political situation at home is a hot topic down here for some. They are completely shocked about people going to food banks after only one month. I would be interested to talk to them a bit more about this. It could be a good blog post but politics is a touchy subject. It's like discussing the best anchor. People will rage. I think I'll pass on this one.