Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's been a lovely cruise

Yes Jimmy it was. We had a great time on our cruise this year. Seen some new places, like Oak Orchard and Picton. We met some nice people, and some interesting ones. We'll always remember the Mermaid of Picton, and the "happy" sailors in the baby blue boat that almost turned our cruise into a week in the yard for repairs. Close call guys, hope you made it back safely. We'll remember the biting flies, freighters, and lack of wind that make crossings so wonderful. I now know that Deb hates inflatable boats, after seeing her in action in Oak Orchard, and Little Sodus Bay. Deb did find it fun to hold that stern torch proudly though! Surprise fireworks, sundowners in the cockpit, quiet anchorages, eeking out the last knot of a dieing wind. Most of all, Deb and I got to spend some time together, and get away from it all for two weeks.

Some people say, it doesn't make sense Moving so slowly at such great expense Sailing's not cheap, on that I agree The boat costs money but the wind is free

That's life on a boat Not a place for just ordinary folk It's a special breed that feel the need To live their lives afloat That's life on a boat, when I'm bored It's the perfect antidote I'm living it up and never giving up Life on a boat

Not sure where we're going next year. Talk again of heading west to Toronto, which we've never sailed to. Should do it at least once. The islands are calling though, so I think 2 years from now we'll be back up there, with the 1st stop in Kingston. :)