Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday!

Well, this is the last of the 80 degree breeze, and I'm going to enjoy it with an ice cold Molson Canadian. Ahhh Canada, Ahhhh Molson. Breath it in, tomorrow it's in the 60's and raining. Crap. Not a problem though, because it's big ten football baby! Got calls from my babies today, having a cold one, and got the wifey nearby. Life is good. Now if I can just get her to cook dinner. :) My hot babes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New York gang at Skipper's

Well we had dinner a few weeks ago at Skipper's Landing, and had a great time. It was good to see everyone again. I forgot the camera though, so I included an old shot of some Island time we all shared. OK it's missing some people, but I needed a boat shot. Somebody has to stop me from rambling on about things. A few beers, and some scotch and I repeat the same old stories. Geez, I'm turning into my Dad. Sorry Dad! ( in case you bought a PC, and are now surfing the blogs). Next time I tell the captain training story, will somebody please tell me to shut the f#$ up! Frank, you do it. We'll have to find another destination for dinner, now that the boating season is coming to an end. :( Should be out of the water some time near the end of the month. Hopefully I'm over my pyromaniac period, and we can spend one more night on the boat. College football is in full swing, and Purdue plays saturday at noon on espn2. Boiler UP! Too bad about Meeeechigan. No championship for you! Ha Ha Ha Now if we can just get the Buckeyes to tank, life would be sweet. Rumor has it that we can now post videos. Not just youtube crap, but our own crap. Our crossing the lake this year. Check it out.