Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Yet

Well, it won't be long now :( We still have ice on the bay, as you can see. I was poking around the boatyard getting some chores done. Some to do on the new boat, some on the old boat, um, uh, Roy's boat. It was nice to have an afternoon off, doing something different than kitchen remodeling. Both boats survived without problems so far. Both covers intact. Did not see any other boats with problems either. Guess we had it good so far, but we're not done yet. In one of the pictures you can see swans flying around, and I guess this is a sign that spring is on it's way. But then, they were flying around all winter it seems. We've had robins in our yard from time to time all winter too. There were flocks of them buzzing around the trees. Just some of the things I've noticed about this winter season that seem, well, out of place. The thousands of geese, dead and frozen in the ice of Irondequoit Bay. Mosquito's in the garage in December. We had the thunderstorm in January that was weird. We'll see what this spring brings. Last spring we saw wildlife galore in the bay. The beavers were very active early in the morning, and we noticed the long snout Gar pike with the spots, swimming around the docks. First for me. Did not see very many turtles last year, but the snakes were active. Deb always lets me know when they're around. With every year we notice fewer frog noises. Some years you could barely sleep with all the racket they used to make. Now, hardly anything. I guess what I'm saying is that things are changing. Your politics aside, if you spend quite a bit of time outdoors, beyond the neighborhood, you'll notice it. How about this beauty... I didn't think you were allowed to have the boat on jackstands, with the mast up. Something about the boat vibrating, and the stands coming loose. Guess that was a crock. I was given a link to a nice story about the boat here.