Monday, March 10, 2008

The Last?

Well, let's hope that was the last big snowfall. We always get something around St. Pat's day, and then it's smooth sailing from here on out. I watch my neighbor scrape down his driveway every snowfall, so that if the sun comes out, he will have it all melt off. At that point he is standing like a Roman soldier, one hand on the shovel, the other at his hip, proclaiming victory over mother earth, and a fine example for his sloth neighbors. He then advances down that clean black tarmac, retrieves the newspaper from the tube, then takes pause at the top of the hill to gaze at the beauty of his labor. I watch from my frosted window, my sailing magazine in hand, a chart book. "I wonder if Deb can drive through that drift...Maybe we should sail to Gananoque this year. Better check the charts." Your days are numbered Ice People!