Sunday, November 30, 2008

When will these show up at the marina?

A fully portable, lightweight, compact, floating hot tub designed with the space and power limitations of boats in mind. TugTub™ uses water from the ocean, the lake, or your dockside hose. Takes only about an hour to fill and heat to 104° F. Then it’s time to go Float and Soak!
How does it heat the water? 12v 40 watt heater. Uh, well, I guess floating off the back of the boat at night could be fun, under the stars, with the bugs, draining the battery. Maybe not.

Just the four of us

It was good to be together again. Both the girls were here for dinner, and Nicole got her turkey. There was plenty to eat, and the veggie pot pies were pretty good, except for the number of pearl onions, which seemed to be in the hundreds. It was a lazy weekend, and Nicole flew out early this morning back to Indiana. The house is pretty quiet now, and kind of boring, but I'm enjoying it now while it lasts. I should have raked up what's left of the leaves, and I should have fired up the blower, and I should have put up some decorations. All of this would have required me to leave the couch. I very rarely get to veg out for a weekend, so I took advantage. Tomorrow is more engineering, then gym time, then pantry painting. When can we sail? Six months? Ugh. At least this time, the girls did not argue, and pretty much got along great. Holy crap, I think they've grown up!