Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're not from Texas

We made it back from Corpus Christi Texas, after a great holiday break with the kids. Kelly flew in from Oregon, and we all squeezed into Nicole's apartment for a good time. I even went easy on the boyfriend, who I know is reading this. Hey Bubba.

 We took off for San Antonio, and got a hotel room on the river walk. The river walk is nice, but it's all restaurants and hotels. People just walk or ride a boat around, looking for food. Kind of weird, like a gluttony trail, but it was a good experience. Deb scored front row seats for the Holiday Boat Parade. This was THE event in San Antonio, and there was a huge crowd in town for it. It was nice, but they could have done a better job on the floats.

You know, you can't find a good pizza in Texas. We even went to an Italian restaurant, and it still sucked. I guess they're all about steak and seafood. The meals were pricey, and the food was nothing to get excited about. The TexMex looked good, but lacked variety. Seems like every menu was the same. What made it nice were the people. If the river walk was in NY, they'd be pulling drunks and floaters from the thing every hour. If it was in wouldn't be in Rochester.

We stopped by the Alamo, because, well, it's the Alamo. It was a good stop, and a good history lesson. Never realized it was a church. There were some guys dressed up in period costumes walking around, and you were not allowed to touch anything, and make sure you take your hat off, or some angry guy dressed up like a frontier warrior will yell at you. It wasn't me. I took my hat off before entering.
I did manage to buy a Stetson. My first cowboy hat :) Always wanted one. I got my buddy in Poland a hat too. He likes American westerns, and wanted a black hat. That should look good on the streets of Krakow.

The people in Texas are nice, very friendly and they like to talk. It was a good experience, and we were treated nice, even though our nasally new york accent told them we were not from Texas, they wanted to talk to us anyway.

It was good seeing the girls. They look great, and are doing well on their own. Miss them. Next time we go we'll spend more time laying around the beach, and just hanging out.

Thank you Nicole, for putting up with us in your apartment, and making a mess in your kitchen. We appreciate all the effort. Sorry about having you purchase all the stuff we never used. Leave the Gosling there for me for next year :) 

Nicole has a little buddy called Mo. He looks eerily similar to our old dog Murf. He's been a great pal for Nicole. Nice sweater.

Happy Birthday to Kelly! Love ya kiddo.