Sunday, February 21, 2010

Work like the devil

It's crunch time, and we don't have enough things done on the house to get it ready to go on the market. Maybe we should just put it up anyway, and see what happens. The roof and the driveway need to get done, and the trim needs to be painted, that should take care of the outside of the house. Carpeting and painting inside. We may make it by April. I started hearing talk about interest rates going up, and that is making me freak out a little too.

The manufacturing engineering side of my life has really started kicking my ass too. On top of all the stress, I came down with a nasty cold. It seems to work that way with me, you get stressed out to the max, and can't afford the time off, and then you get smacked down. I'm so plugged up, I can't hear my self typing this. I have to back off on the hours at work, or we'll never get this house going.

In my mind I am already lining up the boat projects. I want to put a new epoxy barrier coat on the bottom, before we move to the new marina. I have done this before, on a 25 footer, and I realize it will be a challenge on the 44, but I really think we need this done. I have the new Davits to put on, and the name change to take care of. I also have to remove the HUGE aluminum waste tank from the v-berth.

Oh boy, when will I find the time and the energy to do all this?

"Suck it up sailor boy!"  There, I beat Deb to it.