Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finish the Job

We're at the point now in the house fix up, where it's time to call in the contractors. Yes, my time to finish the job has passed, and the plumbers, and carpenters can step in. Anyone know of a good handyman? The house has to go up for sale now, and we have to get the boat ready for launch. I've got one good weekend to get things done, and then it's off to the boat to get it in shape for launch, plus davits, solar, name change.....

Well, all this work sure made winter fly by.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Red Face week

Well, I have another week of long hours coming up, and I better learn to meditate, or do yoga, or something to relax. The last time I went through one of these weeks, I thought my head would explode. I was told my face and ears were the color red all friggin week. I have been trying to get some software completed on this assembly cell for weeks now, but they are running the damn thing, and I need it to be shut down to make my updates. Well, they are shutting it down this week, but the deadline for completion is Thursday. Swell. I've got two more weeks of code to cram into three days. Guess old red face will be making an appearance. If I stroke out in that shitty plant I've been stuck in for twenty seven years, just to get some parts out the door, so some overweight loser in his fifties can drive a camaro around town, I'm going to be really pissed.

You have to admit it is pretty cool.

If there are any of you out there that program machinery, you know how tedious it can be, and if you f^&k up, the expensive contraption will break, or worse, someone will get hurt. I just know that other things will need attention, but it's the other meaningless crap that will pop up, that will kill me.  Let's just say it could get ugly, and it ALWAYS happens when you need to be left alone. I could be hopping around like a monkey loose in a Bazaar. A little red faced monkey.

Sailing. That's what I need. Sailing.