Friday, September 3, 2010

A Change in the Weather

Damn it got cold. It's like a switch was thrown, and we went from 90 to 70 in an instant. Oh well, it had to end sometime. Cooking up some pasta in the galley, with some summer squash sauteed in garlic, and of course some cool tunes from radio margaritaville. A little grape helps too. You know it's cold when I start drinking wine.
One good thing about the cold is the cyanobacteria is gone! Just like that, it was gone overnight. Not sure if I would take a swim, but it looks a hell of a lot better.

Looks like fall is coming

 She's not liking the cold either

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nice to know we are floating in a toxic soup. They found Cyanobacteria in our waters recently, and more tests are being done to see what other goodies there are out here. Meanwhile, people are still on their PWC's and dinghies, water skiing, etc. Dopes. One guy said he just got his sense of taste and smell back, after a week. The word is getting out slowly, but only through people talking. Maybe some signs posted around the waterfront? Seen too many people still messing around in this stuff. Hell, I don't even want to anchor in it, for fear I'll get some on me. Nasty. Just nasty.

Fall in and die.