Sunday, December 26, 2010

Too much fun

Having too much fun up here on the south shore of Ontario, as we have our youngest and LOUDEST daughter up for a visit. Good food and drink with most of the families. Wish we could have all the family together for the holiday, but we do what we can. Seems every year our families get further apart, as kids grow up and move away. Pretty soon marriages, kids and with any luck, jobs will separate us further from our families. The days of everyone living in the same city, or even state seems to be a rarity. We were spread out from Oregon to Texas, Florida and back up to NY, but now we range from Florida to New York. A bit easier, but still tough to get us all together.

Went to Buffalo before Christmas to visit my folks, as my sister had to cancel her holiday dinner. Hope you feel better Chuck. So my Dad wanted to meet at a bar for a few beers. OK, so off to The Brick House tavern we went. Not having been there, it was quite a surprise to see the place filled with guys, and very few women. The women that were there, aside from my family, we dressed in short shorts and halter tops. Well, yahoo! Nice place Dad. The twenty somethings would stop by the booth for a chat, and pretend they were interested in your life story. I looked over at my girls and saw their thoughts hanging over their heads...Tramp. Seriously! Isn't she cold? Skank. You don't need to do this. Dad, you're disgusting. I like those shoes....
My mom was the ambassador for the table, and did all the talking while me and my dad just nodded our heads from time to time. We don't get out much.

We're heading down to Georgia to take my youngest home, and poke around in her new hometown, Savannah. Hoping all the snow along the way is either melted, or plowed to the side.
I still can't believe she's allowing us sleep over in her little apartment. The image of me in boxers, scratching my butt in front of the coffee pot will be etched in her holiday memories for a while. Poor kid. She better sleep in.