Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm a slow food guy. No food goes through the car window, before it goes into my mouth. I'm also a messy kitchen guy, as Deb can attest to. I tend to use all the pots, pans, knives and whatever, to make even the most simple meal. I usually do all the cooking, at home, or afloat, and I worked in a kitchen when I was younger, so it's a comfortable place for me. I was always the first one home from work, so I would get things rolling. Deb and I have a deal, I cook, she cleans it up. I don't mind this, as I think cooking is really relaxing, and fun. I'm usually humming or whistling when in the galley.

When on the boat, we have to be really efficient at cooking, as we have very little room for all the stuff I usually require to make a "gourmet" meal. Its' been frustrating at times. I needed a grater, and there was just no room for something like a box grater, but I really wanted one, so Deb said she'd take care of it. I ended up with a box grater, but it was about two inches tall! Actually I do use that stupid little thing.

So, we went from a big house, to a small apartment, and in summer we squeeze down even more into a boat. The galley is small, and I have got to be more efficient in that small space so we can continue to eat well.
While poking around for a recipe on the web, I came across a site that would really apply to small galley cooking. Stonesoup 5 ingredient recipes. This is a cooking blog, with some great recipes, all using just 5 ingredients! Simplify your life, and your cooking. Check it out.

Heat wave

Wow, a heat wave. I actually unzipped my jacket this morning, when I stepped out into the 28 degree weather. Amazing how good the 20's can feel. My van was feeling the heat too. I smelled burning rubber all the way to work.  What is it with me and belts? We had the Yanmar throwing belts on our cruise to the islands, and have had busted belts on three cars now. All of them at the worst possible time. I wouldn't be surprised if the belt on my pants just popped some day. Might be time to ditch the Popeye The Sailor Man underwear. Just in case.

Monday, January 24, 2011

You could die

-4 degrees F

Look, I'm not whining, well, maybe a little, but you could die! Now that I'm a tad older than the times I would play pond hockey in these temperatures, I think about things like falling down, breaking something, and being frozen before someone finds me. Damn I hate this! I get to work between 5:30-6am, and it's pretty lonely out here on my walk to the plant door. My eyes were watering and I thought my glasses froze to my face. It's not a good time to have a runny nose either.

If someone ever does find me laying there in the snow, frozen stiff, I hope my last act was to raise my middle finger.