Monday, March 14, 2011

50 and sunny! Woohoo!

Heading to the marina tomorrow. Going to measure for refer lines, and locations for the new compressors. Our cover managed to stay intact, but this one is done. Too many holes. So I can feel spring in the air, and it feels great. Went for a nice long walk together around all the old mansions. Lot's of people out jogging, and walking. For a change we can walk without slipping on the ice, and freezing our lungs with the frigid air.
This is our neighbor. George Eastman, the founder of Kodak. George is dead, but his house is a nice museum. Check it out here.
Most of the old mansions are now apartments, and we live in JP Morgans nephew's old house. We actually live in his old library and servants quarters. Sounds nice, but it's actually not all that exciting. The place is definitely an old apartment, a bit beat up, and maybe a little creepy. But it's one step closer to life on a boat.

Looks like about 805 days to go :D