Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodbye Winter

It's Spring! Finally. I would have to say that this winter seemed longer than any in quite some time. We all seem a little annoyed with it all, and some serious cabin fever has affected some of my friends. You know who you are. It ain't over yet, as there is snow forecast for later this week, but just knowing that it's spring, makes brushing off the snow from your car, not so depressing a task as it has been.

There are some major tasks to be started this month on KellyNicole. Number one will be the removal of the giant holding tank. I say giant, because it's one hundred and thirty five gallons. Yes, 135 gallons!  I could drink a twelve pack every day, and Gatorade all night, and still not pump out until the fall. Why would I remove such a luxury? Well, the tank used to be a freshwater tank, and was, for some stupid reason converted to waste by the previous owner. Now, some have said, just clean it and use it for freshwater, but I can't do that. Every time I took water from the tank, I would be looking for a slight yellow tint. No, it has to go. Besides, we need more freshwater capacity than the 80 gallons in the center tank. I plan on actually installing two tanks in that space, and another holding tank of course.

The other task is to remove the old bottom paint and put down a barrier coat. I will have the marina strip, or blast the ablative coating off the boat, and I will apply the barrier coat. I have some experience on our old 25 footer, where I sanded off the paint, and put down interprotect. Was one hell of a job, and I'm hoping all the ablative paint I inhaled doesn't catch up to me before I get a chance to get the hell out of here.That's why the marina can do it. I'll show up after the cloud is gone.

The following are other things I want to to get done this spring:
  • New toilets for the new holding tanks
  • Replace/repair the injectors
  • New batt's
  • Davits Installed
  • Solar panels Installed
  • Windlass Installed
I'm nuts right?  We'll see how it goes. I do have a day job, and that always seems to get in the way of fun. However, we are running out of time. 802 days