Monday, April 25, 2011

Work in progress. Rain be damned

Sadly, I've been lazy keeping up with writing on this blog. Been a tad busy lately. I was in Detroit for a few days getting trained on Electrical Safe Work Practices. Seems they trust me to insure the safety of our electricians in the plant when working with high currents. Amazingly, for the time I've been involved in electrical work, I've only been zapped a few times, and nothing serious. I remember watching my teacher in electric shop in high school being thrown from the work bench. That was cool. Plus it made me respect what you can't see. He was OK, just a bit dazed. I got hit with an ungrounded laser capacitor once. Thank God it was not fully charged. Might explain some quirkiness though.

The Motor City was pretty cool. Rode the people mover around the city at night. Hit a casino, an Italian restaurant, and a few bars. Felt safe the whole time, and the people were great. Be nice to see Motown make it back from the brink. The people deserve it. Tip....if you're going out to dinner and it's just two guys, don't go to an Italian restaurant together. Go to a bar, where chicks and sports are visible. We were the only losers in there, and I never gave it a thought until they brought us two spoons for a desert that my fellow employee ordered. WTF.

So anyway, work has begun on KellyNicole. I feel now that it will never stop raining, and I might as well just go out there and get as much done as I can while getting wet. The marina put the ca-bash on the bottom paint removal, as they are way behind because of the rain, and some broken equipment. They also killed the tank removal from the v-berth until I can pump it out about 1 million times. Guess I can't blame them. They thought they could just lift it out and carry it out the companionway. Duh, no. If it was that easy why would I pay you three hundred dollars to do it. So sometime this spring they will cut it out. That should be fun. Wonder which one will throw up first.

Oh, happy Easter!

I'm pretty sure the bunny was female...pretty sure.