Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting there. Slowly

We have the bases for the davits installed, finally!  Only been two years. I know, what the hell. So adding the supports for the stern rail, to beef it up a bit, will take longer. I appears our measurements were off a tad two years ago. Pretty sad for two engineers, but we're electrical, not mechanical. We'll mount the davits today and supply pictures of our latest accomplishment.

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I like the observations on a first year of cruising.

Got the friggin davits installed. Only took two years. Kato marine probably thought we died, or got divorced, as we never called them for the cross brace measurement. We can't measure for that until the dinghy is lifted. Probably do that in the water. We then have to order the solar panels, and the wind genny.

Davits...finally installed. Not a bad job.