Sunday, June 19, 2011

A weekend of sailing and Jazz

We had light air, but we sailed! Finally we got the old barge out for a floater. We got out about 6 miles out into Ontario, and we picked up 11 knots of breeze. We sailed on all points to make sure she was trimmed, and she practically sailed herself. Sweet. Now we need some good air to make sure she's ready for the Toronto trip. No mishaps so far.

I remembered the camera this time, but noticed the memory card was missing. Damn. I hope to have some photos soon. Always nice to have pics to go along with the story. Then you can see how stupid our dinghy looks in the davits. I need to make some better straps, as they are too long, and the dinghy can't be raised high enough. We really need a smaller dinghy too, as the 11 foot zodiac is just too much, and looks enormous on the back of our boat. I had to help a friend at another marina about 4 miles south of us, and I took the dinghy instead of the car. This was fun, until I caught a wake and almost put her on her side. The bay was a tad choppy, and my ass is still hurting from the pounding. Plus I landed on the radio, which fortunately was sealed in a zip lock, for my protection.

Went to the Rochester Jazz festival on Friday to see Elvis Costello. He was great. What a talent. He rocked the Eastman for almost 3 hours without a break. His acoustic numbers were awesome. Record attendance at the festival this year. Something Rochester should be proud of. Good times.