Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy Labor day!  Having a hot cup of Earl Grey, and reading through the news. Was like throwing a switch on the weather here in Western NY, as yesterday was hot and muggy, now today is cold and wet. Nothing like the first sign, you are soon to be freezing your asses off for the next eight months. Deb is still in bed, where it is warm.

Got a little aggravated last night when the rain started. We had another leak, above all of Deb's stuff. I got the heavy sigh, and the frantic movement of all her stuff to the salon. How depressing this was. These ports are driving me insane. I was standing in the dark, in the galley, caulking gun in one hand, flashlight in the other, waiting for the rain to stop. I exited the canvas in the lightning flashing, cold wet evening, and applied 4200 around the trim ring of the port as a temporary stop gap. I had to act fast. Deb eventually came out looking around with another flashlight, and offered to hold a light for me, but I turned down the offer (mistake), and finished the job. I was asleep when this flood started, and I get kind of cranky being stirred awake, so I wanted to get this over with. I was also feeling a tad sorry for myself too. The boat chores are piling up, and time is running out. Soon there will be another tarp covering this ship, and snow all around her. The burden of everything that goes wrong with the boat seems to fall on my shoulders, like I'm solely responsible for the design and install of everything aboard, including whatever stupid thing the previous owner, or builder did. I know somewhere there are these mystical guys who repair and handcraft everything, and anything on their boats, and they do it all on a weeknight, so the wife can relax and read in the sunshine all weekend. I'm not one of those guys. Most of this work takes longer than expected, requires a tool you don't have, requires four hands, and perfect weather. I can Macgyver my way out of most problems, but I'm not a craftsman. Some problems take time, patience, and practice to correct and improve. I can do it, eventually, given enough time, and trials.

Do other couples share boat maintenance duties? I do all of the maintenance, and most of the cleaning of the exterior, the cooking, and 90% of the new installations. Deb cleans the interior, except for the workshop, and engine room, and cleans up after dinner. She also organizes food storage. I don't know, maybe I'm looking for a 50/50 on everything, but is that possible? We all have our skill sets, but some of this stuff is just effort, with little training, and some interest in what the problem/solution is. Can the Captain make a duty list, or is that a really bad idea?

On a positive note, the solar panels are doing their job, keeping the batteries topped, and they didn't move at all in the heavy air we had from Irene. A successful project. Ahhh.

Might be a good day for the iPod, listen to some boat cleaning tunes, while I wash away all the spiders from the deck. Sometimes just cleaning the boat can make you feel better about her. She doesn't look so leaky, when she is clean.

Like the season, it's time to chill.