Friday, October 14, 2011


I have to dis-assemble the boat this weekend, so they can haul it next week. The weather is starting to get a bit dicey, and it's quickly becoming the real October at Latitude 43. I remember putting a tarp over WhisperIII in November, and it was not fun. Deb's fingers are still recovering from that event, so I better get moving. This year I have to take off the stanchions for re-welding, as they look pretty bad, with about 4 of them that have busted weld joints. Having the stanchions off will make covering the boat easier too. Not so much framework required. So, the fun is over, and the cold weather work begins.

Here is the weather outlook for the weekend. I really picked a good one to start all this. All the pink is 40+ knots of wind. Oh yea, it's going to rain all weekend too.

We had a great time in Annapolis, and even attended the boat show for a few hours. Yes, we did not spend much time there. I don't know, I guess we were not in the mood to wait in line to see boats that were so far from our reality. I'll post about all this later, but for now, it's back to engineering, that full time gig I'm still involved in.