Wednesday, December 14, 2011


You ever have the feeling that something big is about to happen? Like maybe some big pile of crap is about to hit the fan? This confusion in the Euro zone about what to do, now that none of them but Germany has any real wealth, and our banks passing all that bad paperwork around, pretending it all has value, and our political "leaders" doing nothing but trying to trip each other up, all seems to be coming to a climax. Since 2008, this has all seemed like a bad play, put on for the masses, to keep us entertained, and hopeful until someone can figure out a happy ending.  Now, a few smart people in the audience of this play are pointing out that there is no script, that the actors are making it up as they go along. The actors are now nervous, coming up with ridiculous lines that make no sense to anyone, and the audience is getting restless. They start asking for their money back, and this, is the point where the crap and fan come together.

Not sure how prepared I am for this, or if I can do anything about it, or if I'm just really paranoid. Maybe the world leaders will get together and solve all this nonsense, make new rules and abide by them, and we can all work in stable economies in peace and prosperity. Maybe I'll get a new Hinckley for Christmas.