Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Blahs

It happens ever year about this time. February. This year should have been different, as there is no winter to speak of, but it happened anyway. The blahs. Something about this month, be it the weather, work, something brings us down and makes for a miserable month. Maybe it's a Northeast thing. I'm not even sure it affects everyone. Maybe it's just Rochester? We kind of lay around, read, watch some college Ball, and generally do nothing. Blaaah. We kept saying we have to do this and that, and yet here we are, near the end of the month and I can't recall a single achievement in February, except Deb making another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday to Deb!! Love ya babe :)

Well, we're starting to snap out of this February funk. We're walking every day, if it's not pouring rain, and we're starting to at least think about the boat. Today we pick up our new holding tank, and I start modifying the solar mounts, as last years hack job was not going to work. The birds are chirping, and the forecast is looking like no accumulation of white death for the next few weeks. Once we hit March, we should be home free. Any snow that falls will melt away fast.

Work has been a pain in the ass lately, and that's the excuse I have for not posting too much. GM has been working overtime to keep up with demand, and I've worked two Saturdays now since 1998. I know, I know, what the hell right? Look, I have been known throughout plant as the guy who never works the weekend, so it is shocking for me to be in there on a Saturday. Many years ago, GM stole my weekends, and that was time away from my family, and they also stopped paying us for the extra hours, and I swore I would never do it again. If I volunteer for anything it's not for the betterment of a large corporation.  Besides, at my age, time is precious.

We'll visit the old barge today, see some friends, have a few laughs, then......
Get to work on getting the flock out of here!!!