Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smile at the rising Sun

With the morning Sun rising over the glass like still water of the harbor, I find myself smiling into that orange ball of life generating energy, thinking about how much our lives have changed, and are still changing with every day. Our oldest daughter found out today that our grandchild due in January will be a grandson! Boys are scarce on this side of the family, so it is welcome news. Visions of football practice, street hockey, the smell of baseball diamond dirt, model airplane glue, and lifelong friendships all come rushing back to me as I think about my childhood, and how much fun it was. It's a good feeling knowing another one of us is on the way, and will have his own memories of early life. The cycle continues.

We plan on being a big part of the little guys life, even though we are a thousand miles away. I have fond memories of both sets of grandparents when I was growing up, no matter how much time was shared with them. I loved them all equally, and I miss them. We will not have the time we would like to have with our grand kids as they grow up, and sometimes we will feel guilty about it. I can only hope that we will set a good example for them, so that one day when they are ready, they can set sail on their own adventures, and explore life outside the boundaries of what society deems a "normal" life.

We can't wait to take the peanut on some adventures in paradise that he will forever remember as "that time on grandma and grandpa's smelly old sailboat".