Thursday, January 29, 2015

What the hell are we doing?

A quick update for all that are still following. You are still there right? I talk to myself enough, I don't need to be typing to myself as well.

We are still in Coconutty Grove waiting for a weather window and now a carbuerator for the ugly little outboard. We also had some issues with the ACA (healthcare) and they require some documents which are on the way. Unfortunately this shit will not arrive until the next weather window has evaporated. It pains us to read about people over there in the white sandy beach department having a good time while we sit watching a hi rise get constructed. 

Anyone who knows us understand that when we want to get somewhere we do it quickly so we'll see how fast we blow through the Bahamas in our attempt to get to the islands. Skip the Bahamas you say? We are not really skipping the Bahamas we are just not seeing all of it. When we decide to come back from way down there to the states again we will take a long tour of the Bahamas. Our goal when we set out on this journey was to get to the Caribbean. I'm pretty sure that if I have to do the ICW again in the spring I will quit sailing and join a commune of hippies in Portland Oregon smoking weed all day wondering what happened to the unicorns.

Getting south against the trades will be tricky and time consuming and that's why we need to get going if we want to be in Trinidad by hurricane season. So, that is where we stand.

There are no internets out here unless I go sit on a ratty couch in the maina office with other smelly sailors. I like my personal space so it's been a while since I updated and that's how it will be for a little while unless my social phobias suddenly vanish. Maybe I should have a few shots of rum before the couch sessions. I tend to get cozy with a little stimulation. Yes, I realize what I said there. Go ahead, take it out of context.

We will update once we get the clear to launch.
It will be our goodbye USA post.


By the way, this update was brought to you by Iridium GO! For just a thousand dollars you can still annoy people no matter where you are!

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