Thursday, February 26, 2015

Location update. Eleuthera

Right this very minute we are sitting out a blow at anchor in Rock Harbor Sound at the south end of Eleuthera. We are kind of exposed a little but are in only seven feet of water. It's weird sitting here bouncing around in that depth. I keep waiting to hear the keel bouncing off the earth. That would be bad. They call it rock sound for a reason.

I couldn't decide where to anchor when we came in. The south looked attractive, but the chart said rocky ground. We would take less of a pounding but we might blow away. The shore near the town had better holding but in south wind we would feel it all. The wind was supposed to shift more to the east and then we would be in a good spot close to town. Hmm. I bounced this off Deb but she was staying out of it. Indecision may or may not be my problem. I decided to drop it close to town.

I wasn't the only one who decided on this spot but since that decision most all the boats moved to the protection of the south end. A tall ship from Boston came in this morning and dropped behind us. Kind of made me feel better. When we drag maybe we can tie up to them and sample some of their Sam Adams. I can't sample any of my own brews because the fridge died. All the food is now jammed in the freezer, which is now a small fridge.

The other day I noticed the fridge was at the same temp for hours. I also noticed the damn thing was running all the time. I checked the plate and it was at 30 degrees. Not good! We defrosted and cleaned it all out. I checked for leaks and found one fitting was not as tight as I expected it to be. The plate is acting like it doesn't have the proper amount of refrigerant. So now I'm on the lookout for some refrigerant here in town once the damn wind stops.

The fridge was running great up until that point. You would think there would be some gradual degrading. Damn. I have to sneek a beer into the freezer every now and then, but i have to eat something first so it will fit. We froze a lot of bread products. Guess I'll be a little dough boy pretty soon if I want some beers. Eat three bagels, chill two beers. Eat a brick of cheese, add another beer. Oh boy.

Tomorrow after a town visit, and hopefully a bar visit, we are going to test the watermaker. We were going to fire it up in Alabaster Bay but when I got into the dinghy that day the water looked like someone dumped a holding tank in it. WTF is the matter with people? A boat had just left so I suspected that maybe they purged. Maybe not. Maybe it was the towns doing. Who knows. Why dump your waste when you are going offshore within the hour? Can't it wait?

On a cleaner note - You should see the water!! Amazing. Simply amazing. Yesterday we saw the base of a cloud reflecting the blue of the water below. Beautiful. When I raised anchor last, there were baby squid swimming around. We also saw a small shark having dinner. Deb was going to pop in the water to wash her hair at that time. She changed her mind. We didn't think there would be any sharks in that shallow water but we were wrong. Rays, turtles, shark, squid, dolphin, starfish, all kinds of cool fish and even a whale were some of the creatures we've seen so far. One thing we did notice is the lack of birds. Very few birds around. No food?

We are in Rock Sound for a bit. Hopefully we can get the fridge going and then move on to the Exumas.

Updates are slow. I can update my personal facebook page, but FB removed the email capability for the S/V Kelly Nicole page or any personal blog page. Stupid. I guess I'll have to do more blog updates instead, or you can friend me on FB. I need more friends. I'm really a nice guy. Ask any bartender along our route.

By the way. I added up the miles since we left NY and it's getting close to 4,000 nautical miles. Wow.

Have a nice day peoples.

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