Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog slacker

Hello out there.
Yes, I still have a blog. I actually have a post ready, it just needs some photos to break up my ramblings. For the seven of you still following, it should be out this week but no promises. Oh wait, there are eight of you. Cool. I think my Dad signed on.

We are in a marina now. Hot as balls here. Not much of a breeze to speak of. The fans are running pretty much all the time. We have met some really nice people here so I think it will be a good time unless they find my totally drenched in sweat body repulsive.

I have to stop myself from turning on the anchor light every night. Our last anchorage was supreme. The quietest so far and not a soul around. Now we are surrounded by boats, cars, trains and planes. Quite a shock.

OK, I have to get the boat ready to sit by itself for a few weeks while we risk our lives on I95.

Have a nice day.