Friday, July 31, 2015

Hot Sweaty Fun

Well hello there! Long time no post eh?

Brunswick Georgia is a nice little town. It's also a damn hot and humid bug filled little town as well. It's to the point where any mention of lighting the oven is met with a hard stare and a "seriously?" comment.

We have bugs. Lot's of bugs. Right around dinner time the gnats come in and fly in your face and ears. Apparently I am a gnat magnet and they want to get to my brain through my ears. This drives me absolutely nuts and it can be embarrassing in a crowd when I'm swatting my ears for things no one else sees. "Look at that poor man, bless his heart".

We are in a slip near shore and next to a large power yacht which towers over us. Our boat has very little free board so we feel small. All this means we get very little breeze. Sounds like a lot of whining doesn't it? We kind of bring this upon ourselves for not having any air conditioning I guess. We are surviving with fans and making sure the screens are in before the gnat party starts. All in all it's not bad.

What makes you forget about the heat and bugs are the people here. They are fun.
We have great neighbors and meet new people at every get together. The gatherings are frequent. They have free wine cocktail parties three nights a week and free beer on Saturdays in the marina clubhouse. Most of the folks tolerate my slightly introverted weirdness. Deb will be talking (yes, she talks) to some of the ladies and she will introduce me to them and I can see their faces go, "That poor woman". 

Most of the social activities are at the marinas new clubhouse. This is where you get the free wine and beer. If this existed in NY, the wine would be gone in ten minutes, and there would be drunk guys littered around the keg in the morning. NY can't have nice things.
The clubhouse is an air conditioned (frigid) building containing a bar/dining area, a boaters lounge and laundry facility. Very nice. I'll need to complete a twelve step program before I leave this place.

Work is progressing when we are not sipping wine and socializing. There are too many projects to list right now and I have learned the hard way not to try to accomplish too much in this damn heat. We've had the bottom cleaned, which they charged us double because it was horrible. Time for new bottom paint.

The rigging inspection is in August. We are getting the bottom painted in Titusville. Cheapest so far and we may just do it ourselves when we get there. If the rigging passes inspection and I do not find anything funky when we look at the bottom then we will head to Vero for some doctor visits and re-stocking the boat for adventures in paradise.

That's all I have for now. I am trying to get back into the art of blogging. I'm in a rut after having a rather large and funny post about the Bahamas just vanish on me. Blogger, tablets and Google Drive can be a total pain in the ass sometimes. For word processing you can't beat a plain old laptop, but ours is now in some Microsoft universe where PC's get slower and slower until you are forced to upgrade to a new unit running a new Windows operating system. I refuse. I stripped the laptop of all unwanted software and blocked all windows upgrades. I removed anything remotely suspicious, like the old DVD software that secretly installed about ten other programs that wanted to run all the time. It's running a lot better and might even be useful again after I backed up the 25,000 photos I had stored on it. I used to be better about keeping these PC's running fast, but it reminds me too much of work. I'd upgrade to an Apple product if I had money, but I see Debra bowing her head in defeat with that unit as well. What is comes down to is the fact that we do not always have Internet and these tablets want to store everything to the cloud. We'll get it figured out. Eventually.

Having a good time here. Staying hydrated.