Friday, February 1, 2019

We moved!

Latitude 43 has moved!

We're over here now.

Why did we move?

Google has not updated the Blogger app which is handy when trying to post from a tablet. I've actually lost posts trying to publish. Their App is awful.

Took me all of ten minutes to move it. See you over there!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I'm migrating

I'm going to migrate. Not to Canada or Mexico or even the Dominican Republic. I'm migrating to Wordpress. Wordpress is not a country it's a blog hosting site like Blogger.  I'm migrating the blog to Wordpress. Blogger is giving me headaches. They don't have an app that works, at least not in Android and updating this blog using a web browser on a tablet is just dumb. So away I go!

It might take me a few weeks to smooth it all out but basically it's up and running and everything here transfered over. Easy peasy.

You wouldn't think I would have the time to do this with all that is going on but I was starting to annoy the mechanic working on the boat and this was a good distraction.

Follow us here:

I will update both sites for a wee bit until all 5 of you make it over to the other site. Bye Bye Blogger.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blogger is pissing me off

So I can post text and photo through email but none of the Android Apps including Googles own Blogger app fails to post photos. WTF Google!

So, I either email the posts to Lat43 or I open up Chrome and go to the Blogger site and edit there. Oye. It's like they don't give a shit anymore.

A working app would make this a lot easier. I think one of my projects when back in the States is to migrate to Wordpress.

Blogger hates me

This is a test post to see if Blogger will let me post from email. The app I was using failed the other day and I emailed the developer and he replied that Google removed the Picasa API so now his app will not post photos to blogger. So this means I can't use that app unless I want text only. What the hell fun is that?

So I'm going to post a photo below in this email and see if it makes it to a blog post. Wordpress is really starting to look interesting to me.