Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I'm migrating

I'm going to migrate. Not to Canada or Mexico or even the Dominican Republic. I'm migrating to Wordpress. Wordpress is not a country it's a blog hosting site like Blogger.  I'm migrating the blog to Wordpress. Blogger is giving me headaches. They don't have an app that works, at least not in Android and updating this blog using a web browser on a tablet is just dumb. So away I go!

It might take me a few weeks to smooth it all out but basically it's up and running and everything here transfered over. Easy peasy.

You wouldn't think I would have the time to do this with all that is going on but I was starting to annoy the mechanic working on the boat and this was a good distraction.

Follow us here:

I will update both sites for a wee bit until all 5 of you make it over to the other site. Bye Bye Blogger.


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