Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fresh Towel Sunday!

What a happy day it is. It's fresh towel Sunday! Now I can smell better than my camel. We had a good time in Picton Ontario. Had a great meal (eventually) at the Peppercorn. The town is kind of Mayberry like, with one main st that has all the shops and restaurants. Too hilly to explore on bikes. We were next to the "Mermaid of Picton". This was the name I gave the woman next to us, after she fell off her boat. We saw her in Kingston, and she likes the name. We sailed from Picton to Prinyers cove for an evening at anchor. Why is it when I pick a spot, someone drops in right next to me? Just like in a movie theater. This guy got between us and another couple from Rochester, and dropped it. "Looks like a quiet evening", he said. Well, nice jinx. The weather kicked in with some rain and wind and I layed there the whole time thinking about how close he was. Pretty relaxing night, having to gopher out the hatch every time a gust hits. I looked like a vampire in the morning. Red sky at night, sailors delight? Another day done, and off to Kingston next. I can taste the dragons breath ale already. We will explore Kingston town, and report back later.

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