Sunday, October 14, 2007

Annapolis Boat Show

The Annapolis boat show was great. Hot, sunny, and damn humid. The tents were steaming, but the boats were gleaming. We went on one 60 plus yacht, and we were told to be careful, not to take the backpack, and to not sit down on anything. Why? Because somebody bought it. Geez. Imagine walking through a multi million dollar yacht and saying, "I'll take it!", and actually mean it. We made the usual stops at O'Briens, The Federal House, and some others, and ventured outside the town for a bite. The Crab Cakes were great, and the beer was cold. We drank more this trip, than last, because we took a cab into town from the hotel. This was a great idea, as we didn't have to park at the stadium, and get on a bus. We got dropped off right at the show, and were able to have a few without worrying about DWI on the way back, plus I got to make interesting conversation with the Pakistani cab driver. I would have to say the best boat at the show is the Gozzard family of yachts. Beautiful woodwork, and a mighty fine layout. We met the owners too. Nice people. Overall, it was a great show. Not too crowded, and the weather was great. We met some interesting people, including one of our fav authors, Suzanne Giesemann, who signed a copy of a new book. The most important thing we did was possibly finding the boat we're going to sail away on. Not a new one at the show, but a used one at a local marina. Could this be the one? Stay tuned....

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