Friday, July 27, 2007

Kingston Ontario Canada

Oh yea, nothing like a pint of Dragons Breath Real Ale to welcome a sailor to port. Of course hookers would be good, but they're in Belleville. The Kingston Brew Pub just isn't the same without Kate and Frank. We had a good time though, and a good meal. Tough to feed a couple of veg heads, but they managed. Deb had a few pints of whitetail herself, well maybe more than a few. Not too many American sailors here. In fact, we were the only US flagged sailboat here for a while. No docking adventures this time either, as the kids were out in force to help us park it. We had some French Canadians around us at the dock. They like to talk until late at night. Good thing I can't understand them, as it became background noise after a while. I heard one guy say "haaw haaw haaw", just like Powerful Pierre in the Huckleberry Hound cartoons. I laughed myself to sleep. The city hasn't changed too much, although there are some new condo towers to spoil the waterfront. We managed to get the bikes out and tour the area. Who knew there was a University? Nice campus, and surrounding housing. Looks like all the bars are in town though. We went to Wooden Heads for dinner. All the table help were models. Well they could have been. Not that I was staring. Love ya Deb. They have a nice patio. I would have taken a picture, but it would have looked like I was snapping a photo of a model waitress. We went to a museum, a maritime museum. Cool for me, bad for Deb. She forgot her glasses. I said I would read for her, but she declined. I would have made shit up anyway. "And that ship sank to the bottom of Ontario, with a load of stray cats, for the Chinese restaurants in Toronto". We toured a coast guard cutter, that was listing to one side. We found the reason for the list. They were having a weight watchers meeting in the galley on the port side. No, making shit up again. Actually it was leaking badly. You can rent a cabin on board for the night, as it is a bed and breakfast. You first. The weather report is not looking too good for the weekend, and we need good weather to cross the lake, so looks like Thursday is the day. G'day Eh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fresh Towel Sunday!

What a happy day it is. It's fresh towel Sunday! Now I can smell better than my camel. We had a good time in Picton Ontario. Had a great meal (eventually) at the Peppercorn. The town is kind of Mayberry like, with one main st that has all the shops and restaurants. Too hilly to explore on bikes. We were next to the "Mermaid of Picton". This was the name I gave the woman next to us, after she fell off her boat. We saw her in Kingston, and she likes the name. We sailed from Picton to Prinyers cove for an evening at anchor. Why is it when I pick a spot, someone drops in right next to me? Just like in a movie theater. This guy got between us and another couple from Rochester, and dropped it. "Looks like a quiet evening", he said. Well, nice jinx. The weather kicked in with some rain and wind and I layed there the whole time thinking about how close he was. Pretty relaxing night, having to gopher out the hatch every time a gust hits. I looked like a vampire in the morning. Red sky at night, sailors delight? Another day done, and off to Kingston next. I can taste the dragons breath ale already. We will explore Kingston town, and report back later.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Picton, Ontario Canada

We left Cobourg on a hazy morning with light winds, heading for the Murray Canal and the Bay of Quinte. We let Otto do his thing and before we knew it we were about to head into the Presquille Bay, with many boats behind us. We got the bridge master to open as we got there, and even tipped him. They hold out a cup on a pole, and as you pass you put the toll in. Before I talk about Belleville, I’d like you all to know how close I came to hitting a brand new sailboat. We went to dock, and the number they assigned us was taken by another boat! I had already turned to go into the slip, when Deb started shouting that it was taken. I went to turn around but it was too tight and the boat going too slow. I had to slam it into full reverse, and anyone who’s ever driven a sailboat knows that they do not want to stop once they get going. I missed the stern by about inches. Deb said it looked like the guys eyes were going to pop out of his head. I backed up, and pulled into the slip next to where we were assigned. Amazing how many folks came out to help, that weren’t there before!

Belleville was a bit rainy, but cleared up in time for every meal. Thursday was wet and dark, but most of the rain came at night. Dinner at the Boathouse was good and Paulo’s was great. We went to Paulo’s twice, mostly because we didn’t know were else to go, but this time we took the bikes. Much faster going home, especially after a few beers J. While in Belleville we took the bike path along the river. Seemed pretty uneventful, until we rode behind the strip club. First let me say to Belleville. “What the hell were you thinking having a strip club next to a bike path for families?” Anyhow, not being under age or offended at all by naked ladies, I naturally looked over to “check it out”. Low and behold some lovelies were out behind the place having a smoke! One in pink panties and bra, the other in a lace nighty. I stared so long they waved. I waved back, then almost lost control of the bike. My thrill for the evening. Belleville is kind of strange. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe I don’t want to. Know what I mean?

We had unexpected fireworks across the river from the back of the boat Friday night. Best we’ve seen in a while. No one in the marina knew what the occasion was. Someone just felt like spending thousands on fireworks I guess. A “hey” goes out to Bonne-Elaine. Nice guitar and voice, but glad you cooled it on the Bongos. I never did get the e-mail address. I’m putting more fenders out, in case you show up.

We left Saturday on a beautiful day. We made it through the “narrows”, then turned south down Long Reach, where we unfurled the headsail and killed the diesel. We sailed down until the Picton entrance, and eventually found a home at the Tip of the Bay marina. Looking forward to a cold one at a nice patio bar. Lot of rednecks here in powerboats. I don’t think they like my yuppie cargo shorts and docksiders. Where the hell am I, at a NASCAR race? Oh wait, they’re from Belleville. Dee Dee Dee.

Was ready for a beer at the Bah Hahba Hahba Bah, but it’s now the Funky Carp. We were looking for the carp in Belleville, but found it here. You wouldn’t think a restaurant would move 30 miles down stream, but hey, it’s here. Time for a beer.