Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's ours!

Boy, did we do it now. Looks like we're eating a lot of spaghetti for a while. We are now the proud owners of a "previously enjoyed" Catalina/Morgan 44. She's a big boat, but it's our future home. Check it out. So this will be the fist center cockpit boat we have sailed on. We did a sea trial on this tub in the Chessy, and we found the view from the cockpit to be about the same as the boat we have now. I will just have to remember that I have another 20 feet behind me when I turn into the slip. I think I have just entered the world of slow. WhisperIII was oh so fast, and now I'll be lucky to pass a Beneteau! Sorry TreBoni :) I'll blame it all on Deb, who gets claustrophobic if she has to sleep in a tube. I once slept in a large dry bag, so no problem for me. No I wasn't drunk, just damn cold. Another story for another time. If Deb can't sleep in this aft cabin, then.....I get to stretch out in a queen all to my self :) Deb, there's always the cockpit! We're getting her by truck this week, unless it falls off or something. I can't wait to see where they put this thing at the marina. I'm hoping for a day off to see the truck arrive. Maybe some champagne would be in order? Oh crap, I've got to cover another boat!