Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's ours!

Boy, did we do it now. Looks like we're eating a lot of spaghetti for a while. We are now the proud owners of a "previously enjoyed" Catalina/Morgan 44. She's a big boat, but it's our future home. Check it out. So this will be the fist center cockpit boat we have sailed on. We did a sea trial on this tub in the Chessy, and we found the view from the cockpit to be about the same as the boat we have now. I will just have to remember that I have another 20 feet behind me when I turn into the slip. I think I have just entered the world of slow. WhisperIII was oh so fast, and now I'll be lucky to pass a Beneteau! Sorry TreBoni :) I'll blame it all on Deb, who gets claustrophobic if she has to sleep in a tube. I once slept in a large dry bag, so no problem for me. No I wasn't drunk, just damn cold. Another story for another time. If Deb can't sleep in this aft cabin, then.....I get to stretch out in a queen all to my self :) Deb, there's always the cockpit! We're getting her by truck this week, unless it falls off or something. I can't wait to see where they put this thing at the marina. I'm hoping for a day off to see the truck arrive. Maybe some champagne would be in order? Oh crap, I've got to cover another boat!


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  2. I'll try again... Thanks for including on your blog. May the winter be short and good sailing on the new boat.
    Ken Palmer

  3. Congradulations on your new home. Trust me when I say, Life will never be the same again.
    Fair winds
    alan and beckie

  4. From your former A Dock mates...congratulations! We're actually shopping for a new boat as well, and strangly the Morgan 44is near the top of our list.


    Ron and Joyce Mariano

  5. Ron and Joyce,
    Hope all is well in sunny Florida. I heard through the "dock talk", that you were looking. Keep us posted on your search, and we'll let you know how the Morgan works out. Thanks for stopping by the blog.
    Paul and Deb Bryan

  6. You guy won't be sorry with an M-44. I've owned mine for 2 years but had chartered one back in the early 90's down in the BVI. I'm constantly being surprised by the quality, agility and speed of the 44.
    Gonna be spending Xmas week hopping around Tampa Bay!
    Good luck,
    Captain Ron
    Wind Fetish
    Hull #35